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Photography in Crete

Sightseeing and photographic tours tailored to your needs.
We can show you spectacular places you might never have found. Whether you just like to take holiday pictures or to see and photograph more of the hidden Crete, or learn more about photography having a serious interest in photography, our specialised tours cater to all levels of interest.


Discover the history of Crete: Where myth meets history

History and legend meet and mingle on Crete, the largest of the Greek isles. This is the land where the baby Zeus was kept safe from Kronos, and where later, disguised as a white bull, he brought his beloved Europa. It is a land at the very roots of European civilisation. The island, with its beautiful natural scenery, warm hospitality and delicious cuisine pays witness to this heritage.
To discover Crete is to discover the foundations of our civilisation: the island is like a dream that has been dreamed down through the centuries and that promises to continue for centuries to come. Let us “stroll” you back in history.
Join us in one of our tours & allow us to show you the roots of modern civilization.
We offer detailed tours to all major sites with certified multilingual guides


Do Island Hopping

Start Exploring Greece Islands With Tailor Made Tour Packages! Visit Santorini, Mykonos, Athens and experience your Greek Myth. We, at the Amazones Hotels can plan and organize every detail of your trip…So just sit back and relax……


Aqua park in Crete: Kids and Fun

One of the most amazing and adventurous water parks in Europe, for children and all those young in spirit just circa 5km, away from The Amazones Hotels!
For all of you, who like water and its games , there are, the Giant Slides, the Multi slides , the Black Hole, the Four Twisters, the Kamikazes, the Hydric-tube, the Crazy River, the Lazy River, the adventurous and full activities pool, the two new “Free Fall” slides, the big size Jacuzzi and the big deep pool.
Book Your Aqua-fun at the Amazones Hotels and let’s have fun! From May to end September.


Cretan Aquarium

The Cretaquarium project was conceived by employees of the former Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC) to create the first large aquarium in Greece, as part of a marine park for research, education, culture and recreation. Its construction was co-financed by the European Investment Bank and the Greek state. Cretaquarium first opened its doors in December 2005 and went through a major expansion during the winter of 2008-9, when 25 new tanks were installed. The aquarium is currently operated by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, a public research institution. Its exhibits focus on the marine fauna of the Mediterranean region and include sea organisms from over 250 species in more than 60 tanks.
Cretaquarium is located on the site of the former USAF Heraklion Air Station.
It is open daily all year around.